Unbroken Youth Curriculum

As a partnership to schools across the Kitsap
Peninsula, serving 8th-12th grade students, our
2-day classroom takeover offers health and
civics teachers the opportunity to dive deep
into prevention and awareness around safe
relationships and sexual exploitation of youth.

The 2-Day Classroom Training covers important topics such as:
• Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships;
• Modern Challenges—Social Media and Social Stigmas;
• The Impact of Social/Emotional Skills
• Choice and Consent;
• Sexual Exploitation/ Human Trafficking basics;
• The Broad View of Exploitation (Nationally);
• A Local Perspective (Kitsap Peninsula)
• Predator’s Tactics/Behaviors;
• Safe Interception / Best Practices/ Safe Reporting for Youth.

“We feel like the information you are able to deliver is critical and your delivery is really engaging!”

~ Katie Leigh, M.Ed., NBCT
Health and Personal Wellness teacher,
Bainbridge Island High School

Scarlet Road offers this gift to partnering schools:
• No Cost— 2 day interactive training for students, 8th grade to 12th grade;
• Education materials stemmed from the WA State Protocol for Response to Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children;
• Survivor created training with up to date examples;
• Scarlet Road facilitators included.

Scarlet Road also offers training for educators, school staff and youth professionals. Please contact us through our online speaker request form here to request a training.

*** Thank you for your interest in sharing the Unbroken Curriculum with your students! Due to school restrictions related to COVID we have created two video resources for you to use in your virtual classroom. To access our Human Trafficking Resource videos for students, please fill out the short form below and you will receive a confirmation email with a link for the two resource videos. ***