Student Placement Program

Scarlet Road provides a competitive student placement program for those pursuing their master’s degrees. These placements are meant to provide the student with learning opportunities and professional growth to add to the field of helping professionals including counselors, therapists, social workers, psychologists, and more. We invite the unique imprint of each student’s personal learning and their transmission of new and emerging trends and research from the field to build and expand the quality and quantity of services offered by Scarlet Road. Our hope is to provide an educational, impactful, and fun learning environment which will influence future generations.

Scarlet Road accepts students from accredited universities and colleges that can commit to at least 6-12 consecutive months of placement. The population that Scarlet Road serves consistently experiences vulnerability and marginalization and the need for consistency and safety with those we bring into their lives is paramount. Therefore, Scarlet Road will not take short term students unless they agree to participate in a project without direct client contact or in a research project with limited client interaction.

Training Goals/Objectives for Students:

  • Grow in knowledge of the population experiencing sexual exploitation
  • Examine internal biases, worldview, and narrative
  • Develop clinical skills to become a professional and conduct oneself appropriately
  • Grow in understanding of race, social justice, intersectionality, oppression, and privilege
  • Implement self-care strategies and boundaries into daily practice

Relevant Administrative Policies and Procedures:

  • Each potential candidate will submit a resume, cover letter and completed application
  • If selected, they will complete an interview and possibly be invited to a second interview
  • Student will undergo a background check and reference check
  • Student will participate in additional training

Expectations of the Student:

  • Commit to a minimum of 6-12 months’ placement
  • Be timely, reliable, communicative and commit to professional development
  • Fulfill duties and responsibilities as outlined by school and SR
  • Uphold ethical and legal requirements and confidentiality

Expectations of the Supervisor/Supervision:

  • Provide clinical supervision
  • Provide ongoing professional feedback and guidance to perform tasks and develop as professionals as well as cover competencies
  • Guide the student toward the acquisition of specific skills and knowledge related to working with the client population

To be considered for a placement with Scarlet Road, please submit a resume and cover letter to