2020 Annual Report

We are grateful for everyone who made last year a success in helping survivors of sexual exploitation find their voice and journey towards healing. Click the link below to view our 2020 Annual Report which shares the impact you helped make on your community.

Our Mission

Through holistic care Scarlet Road offers the hope of freedom to those who have been sexually exploited.

Scarlet Road opens the doors to healing, on the front lines, where exploitation is commonly seen and experienced. Meeting women where they are at, be it on the street, in their work place or incarcerated, we walk with them, helping to work through the barriers that prevent a life of freedom. Following our relational approach that marks successes and points of growth, we see women and children overcome abuse, gain life skills and opportunity while building a foundation that offers stable ground for a successful future.

Through our program, each person can begin right where she is, first having her basic needs addressed, and then building further upon emotional & physical health, goals, boundaries, spiritual discovery and self-awareness. She will have a network of trusted resources to her advantage, offering counseling, resume building, job assistance and educational advising, in order to create the best opportunity for healing and lasting change. Scarlet road provides investment in a way that is relevant to the individual, based on personal needs, struggles and strength, which offers, not just a program for healing, but the foundation for sustainable change and a promising future to build upon. Working together with our community, Scarlet Road is breaking through the stigmas that many victims face, providing safe and manageable road to recovery.

Our Story

Born out of the desire to see a way out for women and children in the sex industry Scarlet Road set out to change social perspectives, help the community understand and serve victims of sexual exploitation, and provide long term support for a population of women and children that was receiving none.

Our three founders first came together in 2008, hoping to create more awareness through hosting a Freedom 5K run. This quickly evolved into a true passion for serving the victims that were within their own reach and since the start of the outreach programs in 2009 they have been journeying with women leaving the commercial sex industry, and supporting them in the hard transitions they face.

The journey that Scarlet Road has been on has been one of passion, hard work and a sincere dedication to exploited women in our community. We have journeyed with many partners in our community and continue to do so in order to create increased knowledge of this issue throughout the Kitsap and North Mason area.

 Those who set forth building Scarlet Road, did so from a place of motivation for how we as Christians are called to serve and care for the people around us. Though the organization is founded on Christian principles, we strongly believe that anyone seeking support from Scarlet Road, whether they share our faith or not, should have the support and care they seek. We respect the choice of each participant and provide services without partiality.

Our hard work has not gone in vain

We created the first training and curriculum in our community in partnership with our local school districts knowing that our youth are at greatest risk.

We provide survivor led outreach and safety for victims leaving the Life, reaching out to women who are most in need of support and hope.

We offer comprehensive, holistic, evidenced based and trauma informed aftercare programming to support women making the transition to a new and free life.

We now have the first and only Drop-In center for exploited women in Kitsap and North Mason Counties.

Our Core Values

Freedom: Christ set us free for freedom’s sake and we are free indeed. We come alongside people to provide resources for physical, emotional and spiritual freedom.

Relationship: We are created for relationship. We build healthy relationships that are authentic, holistic, consistent, loving and intentional.

Biblical worldview: The Bible is our template for understanding who we are and how we conduct ourselves. We define our goals according to biblical truths.

Our Statement of Faith

Our highest purpose is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

God the father sent his son Jesus to die on the cross. Jesus redeems us and, through his Holy Spirit, calls us to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners. As we advocate for the oppressed and disregarded, we are to live joyfully, love robustly, and serve selflessly.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life that dispels darkness and brings peace.

Scarlet Road is paving the way from sexual exploitation to wholeness.