Unbroken Youth Curriculum

As a partnership to schools across the Kitsap
Peninsula, serving 8th-12th grade students, our
2-day classroom takeover offers health and
civics teachers the opportunity to dive deep
into prevention and awareness around safe
relationships and sexual exploitation of youth.

The 2-Day Classroom Training covers important topics such as:
• Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships;
• Modern Challenges—Social Media and Social Stigmas;
• The Impact of Social/Emotional Skills
• Choice and Consent;
• Sexual Exploitation/ Human Trafficking basics;
• The Broad View of Exploitation (Nationally);
• A Local Perspective (Kitsap Peninsula)
• Predator’s Tactics/Behaviors;
• Safe Interception / Best Practices/ Safe Reporting for Youth.

“We feel like the information you are able to deliver is critical and your delivery is really engaging!”

~ Katie Leigh, M.Ed., NBCT
Health and Personal Wellness teacher,
Bainbridge Island High School

Scarlet Road offers this gift to partnering schools:
• No Cost— 2 day interactive training for students, 8th grade to 12th grade;
• Education materials stemmed from the WA State Protocol for Response to Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children;
• Survivor created training with up to date examples;
• Scarlet Road facilitators included.

Scarlet Road also offers training for educators, school staff and youth professionals. Please contact us through our online speaker request form here to request a training.