Our Mission

Through holistic care, Scarlet Road offers the hope of freedom to those who have been sexually exploited.

We work to intervene and educate in order to prevent victimization, we provide solutions and resources to exit the industry safely, and we journey alongside survivors to find full healing from exploitation. We work to change mindsets around gender-based violence and we educate first responders and our community at large. Scarlet Road is here to change social perspectives, help the community understand and serve victims of sexual exploitation, and provide long-term holistic support for those seeking to exit sexual exploitation and sex trafficking.

Want to Help?

Donate today and help men, women, and youth in our community find hope and freedom.



We strongly believe in educating the community and better equipping our local partners to protect, identify and serve those who have been exploited. Scarlet Road uses national and state recommended training materials coupled with local knowledge, we offer comprehensive educational resources to help make our community better aware and safe. 



At Scarlet Road we know that leaving the life can seem more terrifying than staying in. Our survivor led outreach programs have been designed with those we serve in mind, knowing that it takes trust and time to see a way out. We reach out with an open hand and gentle invitation for the hope of change.  



Our comprehensive aftercare services include intensive case management, mentoring, skill building, and support toward client established goals. We know first-hand how challenging leaving can be and recognize and respect the high level of individual strength and resilience of each survivor we have the opportunity to partner with on the journey to healing.


“Hope is like a road in the country;

there was never a road, but when many people walk on it,

the road comes into existence.” 

-Lin Yutang


A Word From Our Founders

We are so grateful for you!

Whether you are someone interested in learning more about the issues surrounding sexual exploitation, interested in supporting our work throughout the Kitsap Peninsula, or seeking help, we welcome you with open arms.

If you need help and support leaving the life we want you to know that Scarlet Road is here. We may not know your face yet but we care deeply for you and the journey your are embarking on. We hope that Scarlet Road will be a safe place for you to find support and resources. We know that the journey can be hard and we want to walk along side you offering all that we have to see you be successful! We are so excited to meet you.

Our community is near and dear to our hearts and we all have a desire to see hope and restoration throughout the many lives of our neighbors. Sexual exploitation affects many in our community in a variety of ways. We have seen first hand the pain and trauma it causes and we hope that our small by mighty organization, dedicated to change, will be a place of hope.

We believe in changing social mindsets and bringing our community on this journey with us and we encourage you to learn more! We hope you will ask us for more information around the issues of exploitation. Thank you for your desire to partner with us and for your desire to see change in our community as well!


The Scarlet Road Leadership


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