Prioritization of a Trauma Informed Response and Recovery for Survivors of Sexual Exploitation & HumanTrafficking Training

Participants at this training will gain knowledge of realities of sexual exploitation & human trafficking abuse, learning about the necessary tools for prioritization to provide the highest standard of trauma informed care for survivor recovery.  Participants will be introduced to tools, strategies and essential understandings to successfully identify, intercept and care for survivors in recovery while also gaining insights about how to engage multiple layers of trauma need and marginalization from a vicarious trauma lens, supporting sustainability and preventing burn out. Registration below

Location: Kitsap County Commissioner’s Office (car pool/come early for best parking) or Virtual Option Available.

Cost: Free

Training Dates offered:

March 24th 9am to 2pm with 1 hour lunch from 11am to 12pm


Aug 11th 9am to 2pm with 1 hour lunch from 11am to 12pm

This training is hosted by Kitsap County SAIVS