10 things you can do to fight exploitation!

  1. Be a conscientious consumer – Learn about how your consumer choices impact the global human trafficking market. Learn more about consumer impact at BEST.
  2. Volunteer with Scarlet Road – Follow this link for more information about Volunteering at Scralet Road.
  3. Host an awareness event for your friends – Invite a Scarlet Road speaker to your event or small gathering, host a movie night, or start a book club! We’ve got recommended films and books here.
  4. Learn the red flags of human trafficking here.
  5. Know who to call if you think someone is exploited – Learn more about tips and reporting at the National Human Trafficking Hotline.
  6. Encourage your local school and youth programs to prioritize this issue.
  7. Organize a fundraiser – There are so many fun ideas here.
  8. Contact your local legislator and let them know this topic is important! Learn more at Polaris Project.
  9. Spread the word – Get the facts about the real impact of trafficking in our country and share this with your community!
  10. Donate to Scarlet Road